Team Building

Building strong teams can seem like a daunting task, but it isn’t as hard as you think. It’s a matter of teaching, showing, inspiring and even gently pushing people to work together at consistently high levels. Creating successful teams results in excellence for your organization.

Organizations like Merck & Co., the American Automobile Association, Grange Insurance and school systems across the country have trusted us to improve and enhance their teams. We’re proven, experienced and experts at “shaking things up” just the right amount, setting people in motion, and making sure the experience we have together translates to the workplace long into the future. We peel away the things that stand in the way of creating a tight team – lack of trust, low morale, cynicism, paranoia, negativity. All of that keeps people from being their best. We replace this with open communication and develop a process that bonds people and builds trust so they spend more time creating and producing. We make sure a follow-up plan emerges and help your entire team look forward to enhancing performance as a unified team.

What Participants Are Saying

I’ve worked with Teri Schwartz Associates for more than six years and with several teams I’ve been on or lead. In every case our team’s dynamics were improved markedly by her intervention. Notably, the improvement has always been long-term, not just for the next week or month as often happens with consultant-lead team building exercises. In fact, we’re about to engage Teri Schwartz Associates again, to help us build our new team…and the fact is, there’s no one else I would even consider for team building. I know from experience the results will be terrific (and long lasting) and the time spent will be repaid many times over in improved team results. I’m already looking forward to the outcomes.

– Phil Urban, President & CEO of Grange Insurance

Admittedly, I was not entirely with [the program] at the beginning. Now I feel absolutely committed and part of a great team.

– Team Building participant, Royal & Sun Alliance, USA